AccuNet is Changing!

Published on June 19, 2013

self-directed-retirement-plans-3 On June 27, 2013 our AccuNet site will be upgraded and running a newer more user friendly version.  This means that the site will have an improved modern layout, that can be printed in a printer friendly format and data will be displayed in a grid format that can be grouped, sorted and filtered.  Another improvement will feature, the default groupings for the Transactions page can be set to Asset, Transaction Description or Date.  With this change occurring, between June 25 -27 clients will not have access to their accounts online due to temporary site maintenance.

Please see our e-mail to get more specifics on our website. Or, call our office and speak with a staff member.

The first time you go to the upgraded site you must log in as a new user.  You will then be prompted to follow the new set up instructions.  We are very excited about all of the changes and improvements.

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