June 2018 – Summer Loading…

June 2018 – Summer Loading…

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Just as the seasons continue to change, so do the generations of hardworking taxpayers like yourself. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer or Millennial, at some point down the road… you will likely want to stop working. Besides, that ‘all day at the beach’ life is looking awfully nice right about now, isn’t it?

When the time comes to start that exciting new chapter, how will you ensure you’re financially prepared to support a lifestyle of leisure and good health?

Just as important, how will you keep your retirement funds safe from fraud?

There are many ways to take control of your future now, regardless of your age. It’s never too early, or too late.



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Updates from Team NextGen…

Next Generation Services is proud to announce that effective June 1, 2018, Kyle Schickram has earned the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) from the American Banking Association (ABA). Kyle is a transaction specialist who is responsible for reviewing all transaction-related documents and handling client inquiries regarding self-directed investments.

Kyle joined Next Generation in 2014 and has worked hard to help our clients get their transaction documentation fully vetted, and is always helpful when clients call in with questions about self-directed investing in general, or about a specific type of alternative asset. Although he had already met the criterion set by the ABA of a minimum of four years of dedicated IRA operational or technical expertise, and could qualify for CISP based on that alone, he opted to take the association’s 12-week course; complete all the weekly quizzes, discussion questions and reading; and sit for the final exam.

As Kyle will tell you, there is a lot that goes into making sure all paperwork is in order that that every transaction is done correctly, according to IRS investing guidelines and other criteria. This credential is a testament to Kyle’s hard work and the expertise he has gained as a valuable part of the transaction process for our clients; we are all very proud of this accomplishment.

As a further testament to his expertise, Kyle is also a certified self-directed IRA professional (SDIP), a designation he earned from the Retirement Industry Trade Association (RITA) in early 2016. Please join all of us at Next Generation in congratulating Kyle Schickram, SDIP, CISP for a job well done!


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SDIRA Tip of the Month

Self Directed IRAs and Real Estate

(Source: “The Self Directed IRA Handbook” – Mat Sorenson, Attorney at Law)

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