Client Testimonials

Self-Directed IRAs can be much like uncharted territory for most investors. You’re not quite sure how they work and the ins and outs to investing through a self-directed retirement plan. Next Generation Trust Company prides itself on making the investing process as easy and straightforward as possible for our clients. We value customer satisfaction and like to think that the quality of our customer service makes us stand out against our competition.

For those of you thinking about investing with Next Generation Trust Company, please take a minute to read over some of our client testimonials. For more information on self-directed IRAs, you can click here, or contact our office directly at Info@NextGenerationTrust.com.

self directed retirement plans

“We were very impressed by Next Generation Trust Services’ professionalism and attention to detail in setting up the self-directed IRA. They walked us through the process and made sure all the necessary documentation was complete and accurate. We were pleased to have everything set up in time to reach our required subscription deadline.”
-NGTS client – David

“I wanted to say thank you to your entire customer service team. During my last investment I needed some funds distributed quickly to make a closing. Next Generation’s customer service team helped guide me through the proper forms, expedited the finalization of the operating agreement and cut me a check immediately. Thank you for making the self-directed IRA investment process quick and easy.”
-NGTS client – John

“Karen and I have been associated with Next Generation Trust Services (NGTS) now for almost a year. During that relatively short period of time we have established three self-directed IRAs through which we have purchased investment real estate…the entire team at NGTS has made this process very smooth and painless. You provide all the correct forms necessary for the transactions and are always accessible for answering questions and leading us through the process.

Your professionalism has been exceptional and your expertise has been invaluable. We look forward to a long relationship with your company going forward.

-NGTS client – Michael and Karen

“I have just completed my second real estate purchase through Next Generation Trust Services. This is therefore my third experience (flipped the first one). I have always found everyone at NGTS very helpful as I found my way through the rules and regs of a self-directed IRA.

Given that, I want to tell you that Kyle Schickram is one of the most cooperative, responsive and professional account executives I have ever worked with, whether at NGTS, other financial institutions, or through my years in tech. Even my attorney found Kyle “terrific” and commented same again at today’s closing (where of course there were last minute changes).

Just wanted to tell you that you have a great team and give you an attaboy about Kyle. Sincerely,”
-NGTS client – Sue

“DeAnna Vecchio is one of the most competent people that I have dealt with. She always is very diligent in answering any questions and addressing any issues.

She always follows up on any matter that needs attention and she does it sooner as opposed to later. She is a wonderful asset to Next Generation Trust Services.

Next Generation’s staff helps in carrying through whatever needs to be done quickly which is important. The staff are hands on & always helpful. Customer service is very friendly.”
-NGTS client – Ann

“I am a client of Next Generation Trust Services and wanted to send you a quick note. We are often quick to complain when something goes wrong or if we are frustrated with the customer service at a company. However, I would like to take a quick minute and forward to your attention the professional, courteous and expeditious response I receive when I contact Tim Wilms. Although I have never met him nor have spoken with him, I always know that he will get back to me with a response. I hope this helps in his evaluations or internal promotions, as helpfulness such as his is so difficult to come by nowadays.”
-NGTS client, Neeta

“Next Generation Trust Services continues to deliver comprehensive, added value service in getting complex real estate transactions completed. After helping me in the acquisition of a fully leased warehouse partnership two years ago, my wife and I decided to acquire another income-producing property in the spring of 2013 (which had multiple offers pending). Without the diligent help from NGTS’ Roseland, NJ office, I would have been unable to win the bid and move to closing. From submitting the operating agreement for compliance review to transferring funds quickly, the Next Generation team was always available to make the process smooth and timely. I highly recommend their services and will continue to refer friends and clients when possible.”
-NGTS client, Douglas

“I must say that since my initial involvement with Next Generation Trust Services and specifically Katie, I have been very pleased with your professionalism and your eagerness to answer any question I might have. I am very appreciative of good customer service in business dealings and you and your company certainly do a good job in that respect. Thanks again for all your help and the great personal service.”
-NGTS client, J.L.

“I wish to extend my appreciation to all members of NGTS. They have lived up to all promises and have done a very qualified job of allowing nontraditional investments to be held in IRA. Their attention to compliance is outstanding thereby keeping us all from any negative IRS issues.”
-NGTS former client, Sheridan

“Your firm runs like a Swiss watch … we enjoy doing business with you.”
-NGTS client, Arthur

“I use my IRA for real estate investing. The process is easy. Next Generation has been very responsive to my needs.”
– NGTS client, Michele

“I am a new customer to Next Generation and have been impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism. I have submitted several offers to purchase rental properties and each time the employees worked hard to process my paperwork on my timeline. The investor market where I live is extremely competitive and offers need to be submitted as soon as a property hits the market. I am in Colorado and at first was worried the time difference would affect their response time, but that is far from the case. Someone even stayed late on a Friday afternoon to help me get signatures. Every employee I’ve encountered is professional and helpful. They provide useful information and get back to me in a timely manner. They have also been very patient with me when I have not signed properly (my fault for not reading directions!) or if I didn’t submit the right form. I’ve also worked with a couple of different employees and it’s nice to know that when my go-to gal, DeAnna, is out of the office, that I can rely on Katie or Jennifer.”
– NGTS client, Susan

“I enjoyed this company for many years. You have been patient and kind, and I thank you for that.”
-NGTS client, Joann

“I look forward to a long and successful investing career with the aid of Next Generation Trust Services. Your staff has been more than helpful to me.”
-NGTS client, Lindy

“Excellent people! Very helpful and supportive towards making the best happen for your account. Good products; best people to work with and trust.”
– NGTS client, Vincent

“The team at Next Generation Trust Services has been very responsive and helpful. My husband and I started on the self-directing route back in October of 2011. Now, our IRAs own a three-family property that will yield MUCH higher returns than we EVER got with our traditional IRA. The staff at Next Generation enabled us to do this. It’s a bit of a scary road since it is so unfamiliar, but I am hopeful that the Next Generation team will continue to guide us to our retirement goal.”
– NGTS clients, Donna and Jim, Real Estate Investors