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Avoiding a Prohibited Transaction For Your Self-Directed IRA

Defining  Prohibited Transactions Examples of Prohibited Transactions Scenarios in which Prohibited Transactions would occur The steep cost of Prohibited Transactions SIGNUP...

What You Need to Know About Valuing Alternative Assets in Self-Directed IRAs

What is Fair Market Value (FMV)? Why FMV Matters Investor Responsibilities Next Generation Responsibilities Key Dates & Helpful Resources SIGNUP...

The Government’s Take on “Unconventional Assets” — Are You Prepared?

The U.S. government's 'take' on unconventional assets Basic structure of self-directed retirement plans Common prohibited transactions to avoid Fair market value reporting Reporting distributions...

The Truth About Using Retirement Funds To Start Your Own Business

What is ROBS? Steps required to set up Potential risks Alternative ways to invest SIGNUP NOW

Building a Better Retirement Foundation with Real Estate and Self-Directed IRAs

Allowable real estate investments Guidelines for investing (do's and don'ts) Maintenance/repairs, Insurance & Taxes Foreign investments House flipping & Tiny homes SIGNUP...

How To Protect Yourself From Self-Directed IRA Fraud

Indicators of self-directed IRA fraud Questions to ask before investing “Safe” investment checklist Top 10 investor threats SIGNUP NOW

Getting Educated About Self-Directed Education Savings Accounts

Individuals can self-direct a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) and enjoy tax-advantaged savings while investing in alternative assets.

Are Your Grown Kids Affecting Your Retirement Future?

Americans are risking their retirement by providing financial assistance to their grown children; a self-directed IRA can shift one’s retirement into savings mode.

Setting Your Retirement on FIRE with a Self-Directed IRA

Millennials following the FIRE strategy for an early retirement can ignite their retirement portfolios by opening a self-directed IRA

Women and the Retirement Shortfall – are Your Savings up to Par?

Working women facing a retirement shortfall at age 67 can close the savings gap by investing in alternative assets through a self-directed IRA!

Retirement Savings and Your Physical Health: Is Your IRA Helping You Live Your Best Life?

Did you know that your financial health may affect your physical well-being? Want to improve your financial health and personal outlook? A self-directed IRA can help.

Impact of Forced Retirement and Loss of Retirement Income on Older Workers

A sobering article on ProPublica in December said that more than half of workers in the United States age 50 and older are pushed out of their longtime jobs before they wish to retire. Given the effects of January’s government shutdown, one can imagine the financial hardships that a forced, early retirement may have on many workers and their families.

June Newsletter 2019

We've seen a lot of buzz on our local towns' community forums of local college kids or college grads looking for summer work, internships, and full-time jobs. If you, or your child, has...

May Newsletter 2019

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New Year, New Goals – Your January Newsletter

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2018 Reflections: Your December Newsletter

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November 2018 Newsletter

This month we give thanks to you! We would not be where we’re at today without you as our loyal clients and followers.

Prohibited Transactions

As of early 2016, the average retirement savings of all American families was $95,776 —not enough to go very far during those retirement years. Of course, self-directed account holders understand that they have the potential to grow that figure more...