Schools out for summer

We’ve seen a lot of buzz on our local towns’ community forums of local college kids or college grads looking for summer work, internships, and full-time jobs. If you, or your child, has earned income, they can open a self-directed IRA and begin building wealth, today. There are a plethora of investment options to choose from, even with limited funds. Some popular investment options that don’t require a ton of money include private equity, precious metals, loans and tax liens, cannabis, cryptocurrency, and more! If you, or anyone you know would be interested in exploring the many benefits that self-direction has to offer, Next Generation offers complimentary educational sessions geared towards young and aspiring investors.



"The South Dakota Division of Banking has advised that assets to be transferred into or held by the account holder’s custodial account should not include any illegal or impermissible holdings under South Dakota or Federal law, including, but not limited to, holdings of cannabis related investments or other illegal substances, illegal gambling, or illegal artifacts.   Furthermore, the custodial account should not hold or engage in transactions involving illegal or impermissible holdings while Next Generation Trust Company serves as custodian.” (as of July 31, 2019)

If you or your child is under the age of 18 with earned income,
Roth IRAs are a great option for self-direction, too!


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Next Gen Summit 2019

June 7-9
Next Gen Summit 2019
Keynote Speech by Brittany Pickell 6/8 @ 4:25pm — “Get in on a Best-Kept Secret: Using Self-Directed IRAs to Fund your Startup”
Roundtable Discussion by Brittany Pickell 6/9 @ 1pm — “Disrupting Boring: How the Next Generation is Reshaping Retirement Plans”
1 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10006


NJCPA Convention

June 11-14
NJCPA Annual Convention & Expo
Brogata Hotel & Casino
1 Borgata Way
Atlantic City, NJ 08401



June 18 @ 7pm ET
“Using a Self-Directed IRA for Apartment Building Syndications”


East Coast Real Estate Investors Association

June 26th @ 6:30pm ET
East Coast Real Estate Investors Association Monthly Meetup
Domenico’s Restaurant
3270-A Hempstead Turnpike
Levittown, NY 11756



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Getting Educated About Self-Directed Education Savings Accounts

Getting Educated About Self-Directed Education Savings Accounts Thoughts of college are in the air at this time of year, with PSATs, SATs, ACTs and other tests. High school juniors are deciding where to apply to school and seniors have decided where they’ll enroll in the fall. While college is an exciting time for students, it can be a bit stressful for parents when it comes to making those tuition payments. Even with financial aid, there are plenty of expenses to cover and in many cases, the financial aid does not go far enough. That’s where Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) come in. Many parents and grandparents set up these accounts when a child is born, and contribute to the ESA annually to build up savings to pay education-related expenses. The 2019 annual contribution limit is $2000 per beneficiary (contributed up to age 18), which can be invested and earn tax-free income.

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Prohibited Transactions



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On Fridays the office will close at 4pm ET.

Updated Fee Schedule
A new fee schedule takes effect June 30, 2019.
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