1.  : conscious of benefit received

// for what we have received makes us truly thankful

2.  : expressive of thanks

// thankful for your service

3.  : well pleased

// we were thankful it didn’t rain

synonyms: blissful, delighted, glad, gratified, happy, joyful, joyous, pleased, satisfied

This month we give thanks to you! We would not be where we’re at today without you as our loyal clients and followers. We are truly thankful not only to have you, but to have the ability to offer a unique retirement planning strategy that could build you wealth to last a lifetime and pass down to the “next generation.” We appreciate your commitment to us and the opportunity to keep doing what we do best in this growing industry.


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Last, But Never Least

Happy birth month to our CEO, Jaime Raskulinecz, who will be celebrating her birthday on November 17th.

For someone as awesome as she is, she deserves to be celebrated all month long! Who wants a single day, anyway? Celebrating all month seems much more fitting.

Wishing you many more, Jaime!