Coverdell Savings Acct.

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Most forms can be signed and submitted electronically.  For the security of your account, electronic form submission requests must be initiated by our office.  If you wish to submit a form electronically, please contact your account administrator.

For your security, some forms require an ORIGINAL, SIGNED COPY be mailed to our office.  For these forms, please mail to:


Important Notice and Disclaimer

Please send all documentation to Next Generation Services. Sending documentation to Next Generation Trust Company may result in delays of review and processing times. Please note: We attempt to answer all emailed inquiries within one business day. Before a client transaction goes into the queue to be processed, administrative review will be between two and five business days depending on the complexity of the transaction and our volume of transactions. Investment documents are processed in the order in which they are received. Most transactions are completed in two business days provided that we have original, correct documents and cleared funding.

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