Racial Divide in Retirement

Published on April 10, 2014

from the National Institute on Retirement Security, a non-profit organization that fosters a deep understanding of the value of retirement security, most people are not sufficiently prepared to retire. The report drills down into how prepared Americans are for retirement and looks at the disparities in retirement readiness among whites, people of color, and—where data permits—blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Here are some of the key findings:


Close the gap

What can you do to close the gap? Start saving now for your retirement—it’s never too early. And if you are comfortable making all your own investment decisions, consider a self-directed retirement account to build your retirement nest egg. Financially savvy investors use both traditional (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and nontraditional investment options to develop a more diversified portfolio. Alternative assets that are allowed through self-direction include real estate, mortgages and other loans, private hedge funds, precious metals, limited partnerships, commercial paper and notes and more.

At Next Generation, an administrator of self-directed retirement plans, our professionals can answer questions about these plans and our transaction specialists ensure you are investing within IRS guidelines.

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