Retirement Around the World

Published on June 23, 2015

Retiring means beginning a new chapter of your life without the worries of a day-to-day job and all its responsibilities. Now that you have the time and freedom on your hands, why not consider retiring somewhere new?

Retiring abroad has become an increasing popular choice for retirees. For an overview of options refer to the slides below. Or for more detailed descriptions of each location use the links below.

The Guide to Retirement Around the World from Next Generation Trust Services
The Guide to Retirement Around the World from Next Generation Trust Services

globeArizona Retirement Tips 

Arizona— “The Grand Canyon State” — draws retirees in with its warm climate and low-cost housing. The state’s desert climate ranks it high on many lists of top places to retire.  Read more HERE.


globeAustralia Retirement Tips

G’day! Australia is home to pristine beaches, cosmopolitan cities, ancient rainforests and exotic creatures. The “land down under” is calling you to discover its many national treasures. Read more HERE.



Belize Retirement Tips

Belize has been getting a lot of attention lately as a retirement haven and it’s not hard to figure out why: it’s official language is English, U.S. currency is accepted and it’s inexpensive to live in. Read more HERE.



Canada Retirement Tips

Our neighbor to the north is a popular retirement destination for Americans and others from around the world. Expats are coming to Canada to enjoy its laid back lifestyle, low cost of living, majestic beauty and good weather. Read more HERE.



Cuba Retirement Tips

For investors with self-directed IRAs, there is potential to include Cuban real estate as part of their retirement portfolio. Depending on how things go, it could open up investment opportunities for savvy self-directed investors. Read more HERE.



Costa Rica Retirement Tips

Costa Rica has long been a popular retirement destination for retirees from around the world because of its natural beauty, friendly people and proximity to the United States. Read more HERE.



Ecuador Retirement Tips

This South American country is idyllic in many ways, from the beautiful scenery, to the food, to the low cost of health care. . Whether you are down in the valley or up in the mountains, Ecuador is a beautiful country. Read more HERE.



France Retirement Tips

France isn’t just home to Paris; there are a wide variety of locations that you can retire to, and a type of location for everyone and is home of the Louvre, Versailles and the French Riviera. Read more HERE.



Ireland Retirement Tips

The Emerald Isle, home of leprechauns and rolling fields.  This island nation has been a place filled with wonder and beauty for thousands of years.  Known for its green fields, friendly people and proximity to mainland Europe. Read more HERE.



Italy Retirement Tips

Italy is known for its food, wine, history, and la dolce vita.   Not only is there great skiing (the Italian Alps, anyone?) but also sunny coast, exciting cities and beautiful countryside. Read more HERE.



Japan Retirement Tips

Called the “Land of the Rising Sun”— this Pacific island nation combines traditional Asian culture with Western influences, has a sizable expat community and a high standard of living. Read more HERE.



Mexico Retirement Tips

Mexico, our neighbor to the south, offers everything from big cities to small towns to everything in between.  The country has a long and interesting history making it a fun country to explore. Read more HERE.



New Zealand Retirement Tips

This scenic two-island country offers retirees a relaxed lifestyle, temperate climate and an array of activities that include golf, boating, hiking, as well as shopping, and attending performing arts venues. Read more HERE.



New York State’s Catskill Region Retirement Tips

The picturesque New York’s Catskill Mountain region, a blend of beauty, tranquility, and exhilarating experiences for adventurous retirees. Read more HERE.



Portugal Retirement Tips

Portugal offers such modern pleasures as golf, shopping, theater and trendy cafes, yet for those wishing to step back in time the country has its share of castles, ancient ruins and cobblestone streets. Read more HERE.



Spain Retirement Tips

This diverse country offers retirees everything from a beautiful Mediterranean coastline to snow-covered mountains, bustling cities, quaint villages and undeveloped beaches.  Read more HERE.



St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Retirement Tips

St. Thomas, with its modern comforts, is a balance of Caribbean culture and American practicality. The official and most widely spoken language is English. Read more HERE.



Thailand Retirement Tips

Thailand has become a country many people flock to not only for vacations but also for retirement. From cities to beaches, Thailand has many different places that you can choose to retire to. Read more HERE.


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