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How To Protect Yourself From Self-Directed IRA Fraud

There are questions every investor should ask before investing in a Self-Directed IRA, after all it is your money and you have the right to ask just how it will be invested. Don't allow hard sell tactics to coerce you into agreeing to throw your money into a...

The Next BIG Opportunity: CROWDFUNDING

Crowdfunding is the ability for a large group of people to pool together and make small investments that collectively provide the funds needed by a startup company. Crowdfunding is a new type of investment structure that is exempt from most of the securities laws so...

The Truth About Using Retirement Funds To Start Your Own Business

If you don’t have the personal savings or credit line necessary to fund a new business, can’t get or don’t want a bank loan, or you’re not tapping friends or relatives for the money, it is possible to fund a new business using funds from a self-directed IRA or 401(k)...