Wishing Timothy the Best of Luck!

Published on October 7, 2015

We regret to announce that Timothy Wilms-Crowley has resigned as Compliance Manager, effective September 23, 2015. Since Tim joined our staff in 2010 he has worn many hats at Next Generation Trust Services, as a transaction specialist and transaction manager before moving into his more recent position; we thank him for all his hard work to train our staff and improve our operations, and in his work with our clients over the years.

The diligent transaction review process that Tim established at Next Generation Trust Services ensures that our clients’ investments have all the paperwork necessary to be held within a retirement account, and that we continue to protect the tax-advantaged status of client accounts. We are pleased that our transaction team of Bill Wittler—our new Transaction Manager (congratulations, Bill!)—and Kyle Schickram will be following in his footsteps; they both recently completed extensive and advanced self-directed IRA training to enhance their knowledge and continue to deliver our high level of customer service.

It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Tim success in his future endeavors.