Investment Resources

Investment Resources

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Next Generation Trust Company does not evaluate, recommend, warrant, guarantee, or endorse the legality, propriety, performance, or reliability of any investment, service, statement, opinion, or other representation of any professional listed in our service providers network; carry any liability in any event for any misinformation, misrepresentation, negligence, act, omission, investment results, or wrongdoing of any professional network service provider; have any agreement or arrangement with any professional service provider with regard to any investment or service that may be provided to NGTC account owners or other investors; have any financial arrangement or affiliation with any professional network service provider.

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One stop real estate shop. We handle acquisition, renovation and property management of the asset. We will give you an up front cost for the whole project. This includes closing costs with title insurance, home warranty, and property insurance.
We even place the tenant, collect rent, deposit into rental account and provide a quarterly statement. We field all tenant and city items to keep everyone compliant.

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ReSure LLC

Bernard Reisz CPA, Investment Advisor Representative and ReSure LLC advise on the compliant use of self-directed retirement accounts, IRA-LLCs, and Solo 401K Plans. Areas of focus are UBIT,UBTI, UDFI and IRC 4975 prohibited transactions. When appropriate, ReSure implements checkbook-control structures for clients. Tax filings, including Forms 5500 and 990-T are prepared for Solo 401(k)s and SDIRAs. Expanded services include integrated tax and financial services for individuals, businesses, and institutions. For more information please go to <a href=””></a>.

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Carissa Newton
1-317-580-2588 x11

FNEX is “The Alternative Investment Marketplace” connecting accredited and institutional investors to investment opportunities in private companies, private investment funds (hedge funds), and managed futures accounts. FNEX’s mission is to help investors source investment opportunities, and help offering groups connect with investors. FNEX was founded in 2012 by professional investors, entrepreneurs and attorneys. For more information please go to

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The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private, international network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and OXF red shield entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple – to grow and protect the wealth of our Members. The Club’s investment philosophy and ability to share new ideas has passed the test of time. For well over two decades we’ve been successful… through all market conditions. While we’re selective, we are not, per se, a secret organization. In fact, we have over 70,000 members worldwide spread throughout some 100 countries. Our combined wealth is significant – estimated to be about $13.4 billion. William Bonner, the founder of Agora Inc., is also one of the founders of The Oxford Club, which officially started as the Passport Club in 1989. The Club took its current name of The Oxford Club in 1991 to reflect our combination of old-world sensibility and new-age technology. Bill’s idea, and those of the other founders, was to create a private “financial club” of investors who would share their interest in finding unique opportunities around the world… and who agreed that the best opportunities to invest early are usually found through personal connections, not the mainstream press. We research hundreds of investment opportunities and select only those with the greatest potential gains and the lowest risk. Then, we share them with our Members.

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Michiel de Boer

Venovate has built the first true online platform for alternative investing that lets issuers market private placements directly to sophisticated investors and their advisors. Venovate Marketplace is not just a matching service – on our platform you can invest or raise capital, from start to finish, fully compliant, and all online.

Accredited individuals, qualified purchasers, family offices, and institutions can use Venovate to find, research, and invest in alternative assets like real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and private companies.

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Matt Murray Senior Vice President Office:

Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) is the securities class action claims recovery specialist. With over two decades in the class action sector and staffed by a team of financial industry veterans, CCC is uniquely suited to securities class action settlement award recovery. Since 2009 alone, CCC has recovered over $120 million for its clients. CCC serves the clients of 1,200 institutional investors which represent over $2 trillion in AUM and manage well over two million client accounts. For more information please go to

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Contact: Alina Trigub
Phone: 201-281-7430

SAMO Financial educates clients on building and preserving wealth by passively investing in real estate via syndications. We partner up with our investors to invest in such asset classes as multi-family, storage, mobile home parks and assisted living facilities. We also help accredited and sophisticated investors to select investments based on their real estate goals as well as to utilize self-directed IRA accounts for such investments. In addition, this type of investing allows to save on taxes and receive passive income without doing any work, making it is completely passive.

Note, this is a female – owned company, and we promote the power of females taking charge of building their financial wealth. Opportunities are open to anyone who is qualified.