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The Next Generation office will close at 3:30pm ET every Friday from June 2nd through September 1st as part of our Summer Hours.

Professional Resources


Next Generation Trust Company does not evaluate, recommend, warrant, guarantee, or endorse the legality, propriety, performance, or reliability of any investment, service, statement, opinion, or other representation of any professional listed in our service providers network; carry any liability in any event for any misinformation, misrepresentation, negligence, act, omission, investment results, or wrongdoing of any professional network service provider; have any agreement or arrangement with any professional service provider with regard to any investment or service that may be provided to NGTC account owners or other investors; have any financial arrangement or affiliation with any professional network service provider.

Investment Resources

Spartan Investment Group

Spartan Investment Group, LLC syndicates investor capital to develop real estate. Spartan’s projects mainly focus towards self-storage with the desire to expand to a new asset class in 2023. Spartan’s vision is to grow our portfolio of investment opportunities enabling us to provide our investors with solid returns year after year, generate reoccurring revenue for the business, and create lasting wealth for our partners.

Contact Spartan Investment Group: 

Ted Greene | Investors@Spartan-Investors.com | 866.375.4438 | www.Spartan-Investors.com

Earnest Investing, LP

Earnest Investing buys performing and non-performing 1st lien mortgages (secured by real estate). We help existing home owners and revitalize communities. Our investors earn fixed returns as quarterly distributions on a passive investment.

Contact Earnest Investing, LP:

Nathan Turner | Nathan@EarnestInvesting.com | 312.860.3747 | www.EarnestInvesting.com

Yrefy, LLC

Yrefy is the only lender in the business of refinancing distressed private student loans, creating a unique investment opportunity with fixed interest rates in a secure & collateralized, bankruptcy protected portfolio, Investors have maximum flexibility with investment terms from 1-5 years and can take interest income or compound and can change as often as monthly.

Contact Yrefy, LLC:

Laine Schoneberger | Laine@Yrefy.com | 602.292.6287 | www.InvestYrefy.com

Liberty Real Estate Solutions, LLC

We primarily invest in single family and 2-4 family homes in the Northern New Jersey area. We buy, renovate, and resell these homes. Hold times are from 3 to 12 months and our investors receive a fixed annualized return on the capital they invest in each deal.

Contact Liberty Real Estate Solutions, LLC:

Kevin O’Donnell | Info@LibertyRealEstateSolutions.net | 646.694.8515 | www.LibertyRealEstateSolutions.net

PropertyNet, LLC

One stop real estate shop. We handle acquisition, renovation and property management of the asset. We will give you an upfront cost for the whole project. This includes closing costs with title insurance, home warranty, and property insurance. We even place the tenant, collect rent, deposit into rental account and provide a quarterly statement. We field all tenant and city items to keep everyone compliant.

Contact PropertyNet, LLC:

Navid Moosa | Navid@MrSaveAHome.com | 484.525.0010 | www.MrSaveaHome.com

The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private, international network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and OXF red shield entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple – to grow and protect the wealth of our Members. The Club’s investment philosophy and ability to share new ideas has passed the test of time. For well over two decades we’ve been successful… through all market conditions. While we’re selective, we are not, per se, a secret organization. In fact, we have over 70,000 members worldwide spread throughout some 100 countries. Our combined wealth is significant – estimated to be about $13.4 billion. William Bonner, the founder of Agora Inc., is also one of the founders of The Oxford Club, which officially started as the Passport Club in 1989. The Club took its current name of The Oxford Club in 1991 to reflect our combination of old-world sensibility and new-age technology. Bill’s idea, and those of the other founders, was to create a private “financial club” of investors who would share their interest in finding unique opportunities around the world… and who agreed that the best opportunities to invest early are usually found through personal connections, not the mainstream press. We research hundreds of investment opportunities and select only those with the greatest potential gains and the lowest risk. Then, we share them with our Members.

Contact The Oxford Club:

Nikki Roeill | NRoeill@OxfordClub.com | 866.237.0436 | www.OxfordClub.com

Hannah Green | HGreen@OxfordClub.com | 866.237.0436 | www.OxfordClub.com

SAMO Financial

SAMO Financial educates clients on building and preserving wealth by passively investing in real estate via syndications. We partner up with our investors to invest in such asset classes as multi-family, storage, mobile home parks and assisted living facilities. We also help accredited and sophisticated investors to select investments based on their real estate goals as well as to utilize self-directed IRA accounts for such investments. In addition, this type of investing allows to save on taxes and receive passive income without doing any work, making it is completely passive. Note: this is a female-owned company, and we promote the power of females taking charge of building their financial wealth. Opportunities are open to anyone who is qualified.


Contact SAMO Financial:

Alina Trigub | Alina@SAMOFinancial.com | 201.281.7430 | www.SAMOFinancial.com

Seveney Mortgage Note Investments

7E Investments provides an alternative way to invest in real estate through mortgage note investing. We manage a fund open to accredited and non-accredited investors providing a preferred return between 8-11% for not only accredited but non-accredited investors as well.


Contact Seveney Mortgage Note Investments: 

Lauren Wells | invest@7einvestments.com | 805.410.8577 | www.7einvestments.com

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cboe Digital

Cboe Digital provides access to the crypto markets without sacrificing security, transparency, or the benefit of market oversight. The Cboe Digital crypto spot and U.S. regulated futures market borrowed building blocks from the traditional capital markets to ensure proper security protocols were in place to best protect their members as well as further establish confidence in the crypto markets. 


Contact Cboe Digital:

John Denza | JDenza@Cboe.com | 646.475.2459 | www.CboeDigital.com

Valuation Services

Financial Asset Services, Inc. 

FAS is a national appraisal and alternative real estate valuation company. We have been providing world class service for over 40 years to all of our


Contact Financial Asset Services, Inc.:

James Keith | Orders@FASInc.com | 949.862.1433 | www.FASInc.com

Applied Valuation Services (AVS)

Applied Valuation Services (AVS) is a national Provider of appraisal and BPO services. Our mission is to efficiently, honestly, and reliably provide the highest quality on-time valuation products while nurturing the trust of our customer and vendor partners.


Contact Applied Valuation Services (AVS):

Troy Lemley | TroyLemley@Applied-Valuation.com | 412.835.8700 | www.Applied-Valuation.com

Equity Valuation Services (EVA)

Equity Valuation Associates (EVA) is a fee based independent valuation firm that has provided cost effective valuations to retirement plan sponsors, plan administrators, banking and trust companies, and individuals since 1994. EVA performs valuations for a wide variety of purposes including taxable events (additional 401k/IRA funding, terminations, acquisitions, RMD’s, partner buy-outs, etc.) as well as non-taxable events (Form 5500/5498, estate planning, annual reporting, etc.).  Please contact one of our certified business appraisers today for more information.


Contact Equity Valuation Services (EVA):

John O’Scanlon | Info@EVAValue.com | 808.637.8480 | www.EVAValue.com


SPARDATA is the “Liquid asset Expert”. If the asset is not publicly traded (i.e. real estate, closely held businesses, artwork, mineral interests, etc.), we help their owners value and manage them and address all the issues that attend ownership.



Ted Davidson | TDavidson@SPARDATA.com | 240.553.1110 x107 | www.SPARDATA.com

Non-Recourse Lenders

Island View Mortgage Inc. dba Red Rock Capital

Red Rock Capital provides real estate investment financing on 1-4 unit residential properties around the country. We offer non-recourse financing to self-directed retirement account for rentals, fix & flips, and short-term rentals.  

Contact Red Rock Capital:

Jennifer Manier | Loans@FundWithRedRock.com | 719.900.5400 | www.FundWithRedRock.com

Peak Asset Lending

Since 2010, Peak has established itself as one of the premier, non-bank, asset-based lenders in the country. Peak offers purchase, refinance, rehab, and new construction non-recourse loans to retirement plans. 

Contact Peak Asset Lending:

Shane Sauer | Lead@PeakAssetLending.com | 913.956.7325 | www.PeakAssetLending.com

First Western Federal

At First Western Federal Savings Bank, you’ll find an honesty from our non-recourse lenders that you won’t find anywhere else. We take extraordinary pride in providing simple, straightforward answers to your very important questions about buying investment real estate. As a portfolio lender for over 30 years, every loan we make stays in-house which means the same person works your application from start to finish and throughout the loan’s repayment so you can always know the status of your deal.


Contact First Western Federal:

Jeff Fullerton | Jeff@MyIRALender.com | 605.341.1203 | www.MyIRALender.com

North American Savings Bank

North American Savings Bank was founded in 1927 on the principles of strength and security. Today, with more than $1 billion in assets, we continue to do what we do best— provide strong, conservative leadership and profitably navigate the ups and downs of the economy, while providing a safe and secure place for your deposits. We are a community bank, staffed with your neighbors and friends, who are committed to providing you with high-quality, professional, hometown service.


Contact North American Savings Bank:

Matt Allen | Servicing@NASB.com | 866.735.6272 | www.NASB.com

IRA LLC/ERISA Attorney Services

Clark’s Laws, PC

Attorneys for landlords and active real estate investors – helping them defend and enhance their real estate holdings and employing innovative structures to safely grow their real estate portfolio. We use tried and true strategies through unconventional means. Advise on the compliant use of self-directed retirement accounts, IRA LLC’s, prohibited transaction rules, organization and setup of IRA LLC’s. Deal counsel & structuring for real estate and corporate transactions using self-directed retirement accounts.


Contact Clark’s Laws, PC:

James Clark | JClark@ClarksLaws.com | 631.669.6300 | www.ClarksLaws.com

Mandelbaum Barrett, PC

Martin Hauptman is a Partner in the Trusts & Estates, Tax and Corporate practice groups of the firm. His practice primarily focuses on ERISA, pension planning and administration, estate planning and administration, business succession planning, entity formations and planning (including corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.), mergers and acquisitions, IRS and state tax representation, tax and probate litigation, as well as federal and state tax matters. Martin is a Certified Public Accountant who has significant experience in the design, drafting and termination of qualified plans, sophisticated estate planning, and corporate and individual tax planning. He has represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities in complex tax matters, including audits of qualified plans and matters involving the I.R.S. closing agreement program. Martin has also in the past successfully concluded audits to prevent the disqualification of qualified plans; facilitated transfers of closely held businesses to create significant tax savings using ESOPs; developed creative corporate tax strategies for an airline, which resulted in substantial tax savings; and successfully negotiated with the Department of Labor to enable a profit sharing plan to invest in the employer’s business.


Contact Mandelbaum Barrett, PC:

Martin D. Hauptman | MHauptman@Lawfirm.ms | 973.736.4600 | www.Lawfirm.ms

Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A.

As a tax boutique law firm, Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A. is armed with the experience and knowledge required to navigate a wide range of matters from business tax planning and compliance, estate planning, estate and trust litigation, civil and criminal tax controversies, employee benefits and beyond.


Contact Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A.:

Joseph Kempter | JMK@KulzerDiPadova.com | 856.874.7124 | www.KulzerDiPadova.com

New Standard IRA Logo

New Standard IRA

New Standard IRA specializes in the setup and facilitation of the self-directed IRA LLC, also known as the “checkbook IRA.”


Contact New Standard IRA:

Judd Kitzmiller | Info@IRALLC123.com | 866.241.9884 | www.NewStandardIRA.com

Precious Metals Brokers/Depositories

FideliTrade, Inc.
For the past 20 years, FideliTrade Incorporated has provided Trust Bullion Services…Straight From the Source®.  As an Authorized Purchaser of the US Mint, FideliTrade sells American Eagle coins as well as other bullion products that are allowable in an individual retirement accounts (IRA).  Our experienced Client Services Team focuses on providing our customers with knowledge and attention so they can make an educated and informed decision about investing in precious metals.

Contact FideliTrade, Inc.:
Grace Stockley | GStockley@FideliTrade.com | 302-762-6200 | www.FideliTrade.com

McCalvany ICA
ICA is renowned for the breadth and quality of the physical precious metals it offers its clients, with life-long guarantees to buy back these products at current market prices. Your experienced ICA advisor will gladly counsel you on the attributes of physical bullion coins and bars, semi-numismatic and collectible coins, and on diversification of storage.

Contact McCalvany ICA:
Will Burgess, IV | Burgess@McCalvany.com | 800.525.9556 ext. 104 | www.McCalvany.com

Qualified Plan Administrators

Preferred Pension Planning Corporation

Preferred Pension Planning corporation is a pension administration firm that provides plan design, administration, and consulting services for small and medium sized companies. Our staff emphasizes exceptional client service and thorough knowledge of the retirement plan field. We are certified by CEFEX and members of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries. 


Contact Preferred Pension Planning Corporation:

Brian M. Kane | Info@PreferredPension.com | 908.575.7575 | www.PreferredPension.com

Ace Pension Solutions LLC

Ace Pension Solutions provides customized pension planning and administration for small businesses to maximize benefits and tax deductions. 


Contact Ace Pension Solutions LLC:

Jim Kwan | JKwan@AcePensions.com | 908.295.2692 | www.AcePensions.com