Our phones will be on Auto Attendant between 1:30 – 2:30 pm for training purposes and lunches.

Mission & Values


Next Generation’s mission is to provide white glove customer service, ensuring our clients have the tools and support necessary to control their financial futures by investing with self-directed retirement plans.

We fulfill this mission by educating individuals and their trusted advisors about the many options and benefits of self-direction, and guiding our clients through the setup and investment process.

Next Generation’s personalized service ensures our clients receive the best possible experience, with prompt responses to their questions and the ability to reach a live person upon calling.


We are proud to be Next Generation

  1. We are committed to excellence.
  2. We build strong relationships and create Next Generation ambassadors for life.
  3. We are driven by the desire to continuously educate our peers and the clients we serve.
  4. We create a higher level of service, and we exceed expectations.
  5. We listen to all questions, concerns, and requests with respect and understanding for the individual voicing them.
  6. We strive to be the best that we can be by developing critical skills, researching relevant information, and asking for guidance when needed.
  7. We actively contribute to the success of our coworkers by supporting each others’ efforts and praising their successes.
  8. We accept responsibility for performing our duties and any tasks we can complete to benefit the company.
  9. We aim to inspire and lead others by working with integrity, setting a positive example, and maintaining a positive attitude.
  10. We accept change and we keep our minds open to new ideas.
  11. We are accountable for our actions. Our actions follow proper procedure, exercise sound judgement, and safeguard sensitive data.