Financial Freedom is Just a Phone Call Away!

Published on July 6, 2012

Are you ready to take advantage of your financial freedom?

Next Generation Trust wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July. The holiday reminds us that, much like the everyday freedoms that we are so thankful for, financial freedom is an American privilege that is often overlooked.

Contrary to popular belief, we have the ability to directly control and structure how we invest the funds in our retirement plans. The most common way to do so is through a self-directed IRA. Building retirement wealth through a self-directed IRA is an example of a nontraditional retirement plan. Through a self-directed IRA, people are able to invest in more than just stocks and bonds—they can invest their retirement funds in real estate, precious metals, notes, mortgages, hedge funds, and so much more. These alternative investments—in which individuals might already be investing outside of their IRA—offer a more diverse spectrum of opportunities for investors who are looking to control their own futures and retirement accounts.

Now, this is where Next Generation Trust Services comes in to save the day for some of you whom have never heard of nontraditional investing! People who choose to invest for retirement through a self-directed IRA (whether it be a traditional or Roth IRA, or an employer’s SIMPLE IRA or SEP IRA) use a third-party administrator, like Next Generation, who keeps track of all transactions, assets, fees, and documentation to make their investing life a little easier! Simply put, the investors manage all their investment decisions while the administrator manages all the paperwork.

Knowing that you have much more financial freedom than you might have realized before, maybe now is a good time for a financial check-up. Contact us if you’re ready to reevaluate your current retirement plan, and explore the steps necessary to play a more active role in your financial future.

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