Published on September 9, 2013

This means that investors on the website looking for a third-party account administrator will be able to see who we are and what we offer.

FNEX.com is a private securities marketplace where investors are able to purchase interest in:

Through FNEX.com, investors are able to research investment opportunities through an online marketplace where, for the first time ever, entities raising funds through Reg. D offerings are able to participate in general solicitation.  FNEX.com is one of very few places that offer this service due to the creation of the JOBS Act.  Qualified investors will now be able to research different companies that they can buy equity in.

On FNEX.com, you will be able to access the offering documents and subscription agreements of the investment that you choose.

For Next Generation Trust clients, this website brings about the opportunity to ‘shop’ for investment opportunities as well as learn about market conditions and particular offerings through the education center.

Next Generation Trust Services (“NGTS”) does not review the merits or legitimacy of any investment.  NGTS does not endorse or recommend any companies, products, services or investments.  NGTS does not provide any financial, legal or investment advice.  If the services of NGTS were recommended by any third party, such persons or entities are not in any way affiliated with NGTS.  NGTS is not a “fiduciary” as defined in the IRC, ERISA, and/or any applicable federal, state or local laws.  All information provided is for educational purposes only.  All parties are encouraged to consult with their professional advisors prior to making any investments.

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