For Real Estate Professionals

Self-Directed Real Estate Investments

Using Self-Directed IRAs To Invest In Real Estate

As a real estate professional, you know the value of purchasing property and what it means as an investment, whether for yourself or for your clients. But you might not know that you can incorporate real estate into your own retirement portfolio as part of a self-directed retirement plan with Next Generation.

Build Your Retirement Wealth with What You Know

With a self-directed IRA, you truly manage your own investments and control your retirement savings strategy with a variety of nontraditional investments unique to your particular areas of interest or knowledge, such as real estate. And who knows the real estate market better than you?

Using a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate could be a powerful way to build retirement wealth for you or your clients. In addition, self-directed retirement accounts offer tax-deferred and tax-free investing in mortgages, notes, limited partnerships, joint ventures, precious metals and more. This broad selection of investment opportunities creates greater potential for investors—such as you or your real estate clients— to build a more secure future by developing a more diverse portfolio.

Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investments might include:

  • Commercial or residential properties – bought, owned and sold by the IRA which shelters your gains
  • Rental property – earn tax-deferred or tax-free rental income
  • Rehabs or new construction
  • Foreclosures
  • Private Lending
  • Mortgage Notes
  • Tax Lien Certificates
  • Undeveloped land, farm land
  • Mobile homes
  • Storage Units
  • Lease options

Create Value for Your Clients and Earn More Commissions for Yourself with Self-Directed IRAs

A self-directed IRA that includes residential or commercial real estate purchases could make an excellent investment strategy for your own clients who understand the value of controlling their retirement plans themselves. As their realtor, you are their trusted advisor – someone who can explain the value of tax-sheltered IRAs and real estate investments through self-direction.

When clients realize they can tap into their existing IRA or 401(k) savings to purchase a self-directed IRA real estate investment, and reap the tax advantages that come with it, you’ll be there to help them shop the market for products that will become part of their new retirement plan.

Even better, you can earn more in commissions when you act as the selling agent in these client transactions, which can become part of your own growth strategy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Advantages of Buying and Selling Real Estate within Self-Directed IRAs

By investing for yourself:

  • Invest in your area of expertise
  • Use existing capital from retirement accounts – not your disposable income
  • Avoid capital gains tax on sales
  • Earn tax-deferred or tax-free rental income
By helping your clients:

  •  Boost value to clients
  •  Potential for more real estate sales commissions
  • Higher profitability of closing sales with clients who are investors
  • Build referral lists with niche clientele