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The Next Generation office will close at 3:30pm ET every Friday from June 2nd through September 1st as part of our Summer Hours.

Next Generation Trust says “Bon Voyage”

Published on June 6, 2012

“Bon Voyage” Aida!

This week we say “Bon Voyage” to an employee of Next Generation Trust Services, Aida Reluzco-Stokes. Many of you have worked with Aida as an Account Representative and have utilized her extensive knowledge of self-directed IRAs through your transaction process. She has been an integral part of Next Generation Trust dedicating nearly four years to the company.

Why, you may ask, do we say “Bon Voyage”? It means quite literally “good journey”, and Aida is off on a journey of a lifetime. She is expecting her first child at the end of June!

In the course of her tenure with Next Generation Trust, Aida has worn many hats and has experienced most aspects of the business. Whether she opened your account, guided you through your transactions or attended your events, most clients have come in contact with her in one way or another. Aida is also primarily responsible for the blog, newsletter and website maintenance.

We will miss her energy and drive, her creativity and humor—as well as her devastating good looks. Please join the Next Generation Trust Services family in thanking Aida for her dedicated time at the company and wish her a good journey into the adventures of motherhood.

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