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Show Your Retirement Plan a Little Love

Published on February 10, 2015

What’s love got to do with it?

This classic Tina Turner song is a reminder to all investors that investment portfolios need a little love and nurturing.
Investors shouldn’t wait for the market to spike up or bear down to review their investment holdings. Retirement portfolios should be reviewed periodically to ensure that monies invested are garnering maximum results.

Here are some hot spots to keep in mind:

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself right. Be good to your future and yourself and contact Next Generation to discuss how self-directed investments can sweeten your retirement portfolio. Our professionals are available to answer questions about the alternative assets that can be included in a self-directed retirement plan and how they can help you build your retirement savings. If you are already investing in nontraditional assets outside of your existing IRA, and are comfortable making your own investment decisions, self-direction can be a great way to develop diverse holdings, with the same tax advantages of regular retirement plans.

Since we do not give investment advice, we strongly recommend you consult your trusted financial advisors about your target investments and any tax implications they have for your unique situation.

Contact us at (888) 857-8058 or Info@NextGenerationTrust.com, or read through our Starter Kits for more information.

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