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Applied Valuation Services (AVS) is a national Provider of appraisal and BPO services. Our mission is to efficiently, honestly, and reliably provide the highest quality on-time valuation products while nurturing the trust of our customer and vendor partners.

(808) 637-8480

Equity Valuation Associates (EVA) is a fee based independent valuation firm that has provided cost effective valuations to retirement plan sponsors, plan administrators, banking and trust companies, and individuals since 1994. EVA performs valuations for a wide variety of purposes including taxable events (additional 401k/IRA funding, terminations, acquisitions, RMD’s, partner buy-outs, etc…) as well as non-taxable events (Form 5500/5498, estate planning, annual reporting, etc…).  Please contact one of our certified business appraisers today for more information.


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SPARDATA is the “Liquid asset Expert”. If the asset is not publicly trades (i.e. real estate, closely-held businesses, artwork, mineral interests, etc.), we help their owners value and manage them and address all the issues that attend ownership.