Watch Brittany Pickell, Next Generation’s Director of Marketing and Sales, in her Interviews about Self-Directed Retirement Plans on Asset TV

Published on July 31, 2018

Brittany Pickell, director of marketing and sales for Next Generation Services, was interviewed in June 2018 on Asset TV, a financial services video platform. She discussed building retirement wealth through self-directed retirement plans, alternative asset investing, and the company’s approach to working with female investors.

Asset TV’s Akademia continuing education channel

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In the June 12 interview on Akademia, Brittany explained self-directed retirement plans and the alternative assets allowed in these plans, discussed the importance of working with a plan administrator and asset custodian, and shared how Next Generation supports its clients. She also appeared on Asset TV’s Alpha Female segment, for women in finance, in which she talked about working for a women-owned business, the individuals best suited to self-direct their retirement investments, and the importance of having confidence to make smart investment decisions. Next Generation will also participate in a self-directed IRA master class on Asset TV on August 15.

Brittany commented on the interviews, “Through conversations like these, we hope to positively impact retirement planning for investors everywhere by focusing on education and awareness.”

Both interviews are available on Next Generation’s YouTube channel at For more information about self-directed retirement plans, visit, contact us at or call 1.888.857.8058.