Women – It’s Time to Close the Retirement Gap!

Published on May 19, 2014

In spite of women saving more than men for retirement in general (more of them are saving a larger share of their income), indicators point to a big gap in their ability to enjoy a financially comfortable retirement as opposed to their male counterparts.

A study by ADP Research Institute revealed that 74 percent of women saved, on average, 7 percent of their earnings; 66 percent of men saved at an average rate of 6.4 percent. So women are saving more than men but they are more likely to have insufficient retirement savings. This is because in general, women earn less over their lifetimes.

A few other factors mitigate women’s retirement savings:

Therefore, women will have a lot of catching up to do as they near retirement age. Speaking of catching up, the ADP study also found that fewer than half of younger employees in their 20s were saving for retirement while 65 percent of older employees (50-65 years old) were saving.

Financial journalist Jean Chatzky cited a 2012 study by Financial Finesse that stated only 43 percent of women had an emergency fund in place but 63 percent of men did. When it came to retirement plans, Chatzky said about half the men surveyed reported rebalancing their investment portfolios but only a quarter of women did so.

Rebalance your IRA through self-direction

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