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Your (Virtual) Future Self Wants You To Save Up

Published on May 7, 2012

Waiting for retirement to come? Start saving today! (photo courtesy of Chalmers Butterfield, used under creative commons license).

Last month NPR released an article regarding what holds many Americans back from saving for their retirement, despite the retirement crisis threatening our country. The new research revealed some fascinating results stemming from psychology and the way we view ourselves in the distant future.

“In fact, when we think about ourselves in the future we actually use the same part of our brain that we use when we think about a stranger. Hershfield and a group of researchers wanted to help young people vividly imagine their own old age, so they recruited college-age men and women, gave them goggles and sent them into a virtual reality laboratory where they encountered a kind of mirror.” – Jennifer Ludden, Your (Virtual) Future Self Wants You To Save Up

Check out this fascinating and compelling article on the psychology of retirement today, if you haven’t already!

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