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IRS to follow tax court’s ruling on IRA rollovers

  Last month we told you about the Tax Court’s ruling in Bobrow, T.C. Memo. 2014-21 about IRA rollovers. The Tax Court ruling limits tax-free IRA rollovers to one rollover per taxpayer per year, regardless of how many IRAs the individual has. The IRS announced it will follow this decision; it will issue new regulations that…
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IRA rollovers – how many are too many?

There is a long-standing IRS guideline regarding the number of IRA rollovers an individual can transact in a year, which states a limit of one tax-free IRA rollover per year. This had long been interpreted to be taken on an account-by-account basis (one tax-free rollover per IRA per year). However, the Tax Court has contradicted…
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Many Americans Abandon Assets in Old 401(k)s

Don't be one of them! And, if you are, make plans now to get these funds into an IRA. You will typically have more options for investments and lower fees. If you choose a self-directed IRA administrator you will also have total control over your investments.

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