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You Could Work a Little Longer to Build More Retirement Savings—or Invest More Creatively through Self-Direction

By working a little longer, Americans can save more for retirement, but a self-directed IRA can do the work with a more diverse retirement portfolio

Want to Make a Difference in the World? Invest in a Social Cause Startup through a Self-Directed IRA

High-net-worth women are using their wealth to change the world, support communities and create opportunities. This is according to a study by RBC Wealth Management (in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit), conducted in the U.S., Canada, the...

Boomer Bankruptcy is a Growing Trend

The number of baby boomers filing for bankruptcy is rising, fueling the need for investors to become more educated about self-directed IRAs and alternative assets.

Do you have a leaky 401(k) plan?

Plug up the hole with self-direction According to a study published earlier this fall, many households are pulling their retirement savings together again, 10 years past the Great Recession. A Retirement Security Retrospective: 2007 Versus 2017 reported...

How Does the US Rank for Retirement Compared to Other Countries?

Saving for retirement with a self-directed IRA can help investors boost their retirement portfolios by including alternative assets within their retirement plans.

Next Generation Trust Company

The Next Generation of Self-Directed Retirement Plans

The neutral third-party professionals at Next Generation Trust Company expertly guide clients and their trusted advisors as part of their white glove, personalized service for a seamless transaction experience from start to finish. Founded on the philosophy that every person should have control over their own retirement plans, Next Generation Trust Company educates consumers and professionals about self-directed retirement plans and nontraditional investments, a strategy at one time reserved only for the very wealthy.

Next Generation Trust Company, a custodian of self-directed retirement plans, is a trust company chartered in South Dakota. Its sister firm, Next Generation Services provides comprehensive account administration and transaction support with Next Generation Trust Company acting as custodian for all accounts.

“I have had a wonderful experience working with the Next Generation team. They have provided exceptionally superior service. Everyone I have come in contact has been pleasant, courteous and eager to help me.” –Joe L.

“My experience with Next Generation has been outstanding. I cannot give just one instance where Next Generation went the extra mile. They have always been there for me and helped me thru any issue I may have had. I would recommend Next Generation to anyone who is in search of a custodian.” –Joe N.

“My experience working with Next Generation is that they are the epitome of professionalism.” –Anthony C.

“So many companies today don’t seem focused on customer service, but every interaction I have with NG feels like there’s a team of people just waiting to take care of my transaction personally. As a realtor helping buyers, each transaction I’ve done feels like it’s getting top priority treatment.” –Susan K.

“Everyone I’ve ever spoken to on the phone and who have helped me at the office have been very helpful and knowledgeable, professional and pleasant.” –Bettina S.