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How to use a Self-Directed IRA for Turnkey Real Estate Investing
Sept 27th 2018

Insights on Self-Directed Retirement Plans

Asset TV  segments on self-direction as a retirement wealth-building strategy.

Is An SDIRA Right For You? Five Things You Should Know.

Our CEO, Jaime Raskulinecz, recently published an article entitled “Is An SDIRA Right For You? Five Things You Should Know.

Are Americans on Track to go Broke?

Americans Aren’t Breaking the Retirement Bank... But They Can Get on Track with a Self-Directed IRA A 2018 Retirement Savings survey by GOBankingRates found that American adults on average are not doing well when it comes to saving for retirement. While...

Are You Planning to Work Longer to Fund your Retirement?

Your Plan Might Not Succeed As we’ve noted in prior posts, Americans in general are not saving nearly enough for retirement. Although people think they’ll work longer to put money in their retirement plans, it turns out that they often miss that mark....

Retirement Savings Fall Short of What We’ll Really Need

When we’re working, we are acutely aware of how our income matches up against our cost of living. But what will that cost of living be when you’re no longer working? If you’re planning on retiring, it’s more than you think and you may not be as prepared as...

Will Millennials Have Enough Money to Retire with Confidence?

Save, save, save—early, often, and enough for your future retirement. It’s sound advice but are younger workers following it? Saving for retirement is a challenge for many younger workers, who are faced with student debt and are trying to establish...

You Can Take it With You – Use Your 401(k) to Fund Your New Self-Directed IRA

Analysts forecast that within the next five years, assets held in IRAs will nearly double those in 401(k) plans, with IRA assets growing to $12.6 trillion by the end of 2022—up from $9.2 trillion at the end of last year. Assets in 401(k)’s in the US. are...

Next Generation Trust Company

The Next Generation of Self-Directed Retirement Plans

The neutral third-party professionals at Next Generation Trust Company expertly guide clients and their trusted advisors as part of their white glove, personalized service for a seamless transaction experience from start to finish. Founded on the philosophy that every person should have control over their own retirement plans, Next Generation Trust Company educates consumers and professionals about self-directed retirement plans and nontraditional investments, a strategy at one time reserved only for the very wealthy.

Next Generation Trust Company, a custodian of self-directed retirement plans, is a trust company chartered in South Dakota. Its sister firm, Next Generation Services provides comprehensive account administration and transaction support with Next Generation Trust Company acting as custodian for all accounts.