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Next Generation Trust Services Selects Innovest as its Trust Accounting Provider, Citing Superior Accounting Software, CRM Integration

Published on November 14, 2014

Next Generation Trust Services Selects Innovest as its Trust Accounting Provider Administrator of Self-Directed Retirement Plans Chooses Platform That Supports over One Million Self-Directed IRAs, Features Will Help Next Generation Enhance its Customer Service.

Next Generation Trust Services, an administrator of self-directed retirement plans, has chosen Innovest as its trust accounting provider. Next Generation will use the InnoTrust CRM solutions as tools to better serve its clients. The Innotrust CRM is powered by MS Dynamics.

“Using Innovest’s solutions enable us to offer our clients mobile access to their accounts and gives us the most up-to-date accounting and customer relationship management software,” said Jaime Raskulinecz, founder and CEO of Next Generation Trust Services. The solutions are fully integrated with Next Generation’s other programs and provide excellent sales, client service, and productivity tools. Innovest supports over one million self-directed IRAs nationwide; in addition to administrators of self-directed retirement accounts, the platform is implemented by banks, trust companies, investment advisors and other financial institutions.

“Our in-office operations will be even more efficient, and our statement and fulfillment options will be improved,” noted Raskulinecz. “Innovest offered superior features that will help us streamline our customer relationship management as we continue to grow our business.” Next Generation Trust Services has experienced a high rate of growth in recent years—in spite of the economic downturn—and now holds over half a billion dollars in assets for its clients who self-direct their retirement plans. Raskulinecz attributes much of that growth to her firm’s commitment to deliver superior customer service at all times.

In self-direction, account holders make all their own investment decisions, and may invest in a broad array of nontraditional assets that are not allowed in typical retirement plans. These include real estate, precious metals, commodities, private placements, mortgages and many more. For more information about self-direction as a retirement wealth-building strategy, contact Next Generation Trust Services at Info(at)NextGenerationTrust(dot)com or (888) 857-8058, or visit https://www.nextgenerationtrust.com.

About Next Generation Trust Services

Next Generation Trust Services (NGTS), headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey, is a professional third-party administrator of self-directed retirement plans. NGTS provides education, administrative support, and account maintenance to individuals interested in self-directing their retirement portfolios with a wide variety of investments that are not typically found in an IRA, such as real estate, precious metals, notes and mortgages, private placements, accounts receivables, limited partnerships, hedge funds, and much more. Next Generation Trust Services serves clients globally via its website, https://www.NextGenerationTrust.com. For more information on self-directing a retirement plan, call 973-533-1880, 888-857-8058, or e-mail Info(at)NextGenerationTrust(dot)com.

About Innovest

Innovest is a leading provider of financial technology solutions delivered to forward-thinking trust, wealth management, and retirement professionals. Innovest’s solutions empower its clients to acquire new customers, invest assets effectively, manage trust and investment portfolios efficiently, and flexibly report results to customers. Innovest has over $425 billion in assets under administration on its trust and wealth management platform, processes more than 4 million payments annually and provides fulfillment services for more than 10 million documents including checks, advices, and tax forms each year. Innovest’s wholly owned subsidiary, FinTech Securities, executes over 69 million equity shares annually. For more information about Innovest, visit https://www.innovestsystems.com.

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