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Precious Metals IRA – Self-Directed IRA Basics Webinar Recording

Published on January 8, 2014

Next Generation Trust Services recently held a webinar with Gold For America, a leading gold and silver asset firm that specializes in buying, selling and trading gold and silver.

Jared Lopez, of Next Generation, provided an overview of self-direction as a retirement strategy, and the various types of alternative assets investors may choose within a self-directed IRA, such as real estate, precious metals, hedge funds, commodities, commercial paper, unsecured loans, and much more.

Gold for America’s Partick Collins discussed why now is the perfect time to include gold and silver in a self-directed retirement plan.

Jaime Raskulinecz, CEO of Next Generation Trust Services, noted that, “Investing in these alternative assets is a popular choice among account holders of self-directed IRAs and a powerful way to diversify a retirement portfolio.” Self-directed IRAs may buy and sell certain investment grade gold and silver coins or bars as well as other commodities.

Next Generation offers free education and guidance to its clients and their trusted advisors about the many options and benefits of self-direction as a retirement wealth-building strategy. For more information about self–directed retirement plans or for questions about including precious metals in such an account, contact Next Generation Trust Services at Info(at)NextGenerationTrust(dot)com or (888) 873-8058, or visit https://www.NextGenerationTrust.com.

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